Bay Area hip-hop veteran Mystic is making a return to music after an almost ten-year hiatus with a new project entitled, “Beautiful Resistance.” The rapper and singer made her debut in 2001 with the full length “Cuts For Luck And Scars for Freedom,” which spawned the hit, “The Life.”

Since then she has released several singles, including 2006’s “OK…Alright” but never released another album. In 2014 she is still every bit as chill as her government name–Mandolyn Wind Ludlum–would lead you to believe.

I rarely talk about my skills, and this song is still not about attempting to claim positions; but it is very clearly a happy exploration of craft that i needed to experience when it was recorded,” she says of “Cali Cruisin” a mid tempo, mellow groove taylor made for a Kush and Corinthians. “I think part of what you hear is simply me rhyming under the sunshine and loving myself more so that I can love others more.”

The second leak, “Clean Paper,” pumps up the bpms a bit as she sings about what she is willing to sacrifice for love.

“Love is revolutionary; yet, we often think of revolution as only happening outside of ourselves,” she says. “Learning to love ourselves (especially for those of us who have survived trauma and rape) in ways that honor our vulnerabilities, our passions, our needs, our worth, and our healing, is a journey. This song is simply a part of my journey that was written years ago.”

Both songs are produced by her collaborator Eligh and you can listen to them below. “Beautiful Resistance” will be available for purchase on August 26th.  The artwork and tracklist are blow:

“Cali Cruisin”

“Clean Paper”

beautiful resistance


  1. mommalove (intro) featuring emoniFela (produced by Eligh)
  2. absence of color featuring Hezekiah (produced by Zinndeadly)
  3. where I’m from (the anthem) (produced by Eligh)
  4. clean paper * (produced by Eligh)
  5. beautiful resistance (produced by Eligh)
  6. intermission (produced by Adamatic)
  7. cali crusin’ * (produced by Eligh)
  8. higher ground (produced by Zinndeadly)
  9. reach out for me * (produced by The Beatminerz)
  10. eyes of diamonds (a fairytale) (produced by Eligh)
  11. country roads * (produced by Eligh)
  12. worth saving (produced by Pollyn)
  13. grown (lushly bangin’) featuring Eligh (produced by Eligh)
  14. payback (la, la, la…) (produced by Eligh)
  15. love, mommalove (outro) (produced by Eligh)

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