Recently, The Game apologized for his part in his highly-publicized beef with his former crew G-Unit.

One of the original members of G-Unit, Tony Yayo, told MTV in an interview that he wasn’t buying what Game is selling.

He said in that interview he might feel a different way the next day. Game is bipolar,” said Yayo. “One day he’s this way, the next day he’s the next. When you got a group like G-Unit … we sold millions of records, we got a lot of egos. From Buck and Game, I think they just gotta learn how to control them egos. In their eyes, to me, they got jealous of 50. They’ll say, ‘Yayo is up under 50’s ass.’ Or ‘He’s 50’s yes-man.’ It’s not that — I don’t have any hate in my heart towards anybody. I don’t have hate in my heart towards Game or Buck. But when we built a brand, G-Unit was selling millions of records like he said — yeah, we was the Beatles.”

Yayo elaborated, saying that while he understood Game and Buck’s beefs with 50, explaining that they received more attention being on their own. Yayo also admitted that were he to do the same, he would also receive more press, but would never do so out of loyalty to 50 Cent.

Let me keep it real. You’re either gonna be down with 50 and be below him a little bit … but you’re still travelling the world. I just came back from Ireland, Switzerland and Turkey. So I don’t care what nobody says,” continued Yayo. “Or you could go against him and get more publicity. Buck and Game, when they went against 50, they got way more publicity. Way more people wanna interview them and know what the beef’s with 50. So they gain more interest than me.”

If I was to flip on 50 today, it would get me more media than me being down with him. But I’m not a snake. So Game started the ‘G-Unot’ thing, tried to hurt the brand. C’mon, people respect the movement. They respect when they see guys from the ‘hood who came from the ‘hood — started out with nothing, now got something, not knock each other when we get to the point where we all got money, houses, cars, kids, bills.”

Game has yet to respond to Yayo’s interview.

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