Ferguson, Missouri police are declaring war and not just on the citizens! Now they seem to have a new enemy in their cross- hairs as the scope of who they like and who they don’t like continues to widen.

The new militarized police force in Ferguson shot tear gas at an Al-Jazeera film crew and forced them to run away. After the team have run to safety the police began taking apart their camera equipment. The images were posted to Twitter and retweeted all night.



This is how two reporters who were working in a local McDonald’s because of the resteraunt’s free wifi and plugs for computers were treated.



And then there was this report filed by a reporter on the scene for MSNBC. Listen to his description of what happened in the area that he was in.


Meanwhile, a State Senator who reps the Ferguson district was tear gassed on Monday. She asked the police chief at a press conference if she was going to be gassed again?

Take a look at the Chief Of Police’s reaction to the question in the video of the presser below.


Alderman Antonio French has been extremely instrumental in getting the story out to national media and we guess he’s also now on the hit list of police because he was arrested overnight without even knowing what the charges were. He was told that he “didn’t listen”. We aren’t sure what that means and neither does anyone else. Mr. French will not be able to be released for a few more hours.

After the Alderman and the reporter’s were arrested the Governor finally began TWEETING instead of holding press conferences and giving answers! Check out what he had to say below.

We aren’t sure what it’s going to take to get these elected officials to answer questions. After all, they are responsible for the police force that is doing this to their own citizens and reporters.

After all of this, we certainly hope Mike Brown‘s family and the people of Ferguson are able to get the answers they deserve and the justice that they seek.

And as for our colleagues out there in those streets,who are being given a hard time, stay strong guys and thanks for letting the rest of us know what the heck it going on.


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