Reigning MVP Kevin Durant‘s got the number one spot in the NBA, and now he’s even tops on the virtual court. KD has scored the cover of the upcoming video game release NBA 2K15, and he’s got no issue stating that he’s quite frankly, the best.

Durant was joined by fellow NBA All Stars Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors, former teammate James Harden of the Houston Rockets and New Orleans Pelicans’ Anthony Davis, at NBA 2K Uncensored. Moderated by TNT’s Ernie Johnson, the four ballers waxed poetic on their individual strengths in the game, and what they’ve learned from each other. They even shared that they don’t play as their virtual selves in the game, but choose random player mode. Although the game boasts lifelike graphics, Curry’s still trying to figure out his own animated jump shot.

When asked about the upcoming NBA season, KD pulled no punches about what he brings to the game: “I feel like I’m an all around player, but I feel like I’m the best. I may not be the best rebounder or passer, or best defensive player, but I feel like I’m the best scorer.”

Durant may have next, but a young Steph Curry caught his attention and ignited their healthy competition over a decade ago. The two talked about the first time they spotted each other at basketball camp. “I was 10 years old and I thought he was white… this yellow kid. I’m being for real,” Durant laughed, and shared that he tried his best to chase Curry’s smooth jump shot and scoring record during his freshman year of college.

Sports gamers will rejoice when NBA 2K15 hits shelves on October 7. Peep the full trailer via Hot1041STL.

Check out Kevin Durant’s comments on everything from NBA2K15 to his theme song when he steps on the court.

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