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Just when we thought this story could’t get in any worse…it up and does! According to TMZ, the horrifying  “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” brawl has triggered a lawsuit and the allegations are very serious!

According to the suit, one of the stars was smoking crack cocaine at the reunion show.

Althea Eaton aka Benzino‘s girl has filed a suit against Joseline Hernandez, who is caught on tape punching Althea in the face and dragging her to the ground … then hitting and scratching her as well.

Take a look at the scene as multiple altercations jumped off below!



In the suit, Althea claims eyewitnesses allegedly observed Joseline smoking crack cocaine out of a pipe backstage during the show.  Althea believes Joseline was high as a kite when she brutally attacked her and several other members of the cast at the reunion show.

Now as we previously reported, there were allegations about Joseline earlier in the summer, as a very strange video started making it’s way around the internets. Vlad TV did several sit down interviews with cast members of LHHATL and a few “friends” told troubling tales about what caused Joseline to behave as she did in the video.

Take a look at the disturbing video in question below.


The reunion show was filmed only days after the odd video of Joseline surfaced.

We still aren’t exactly sure who all Althea has named in this lawsuit but if cameras were rolling and they caught Joseline trying to beat the brakes off of her, then we’re pretty sure she has a case.

Buckle up kids, this ride is about to get very bumpy!



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