It’s no shock that 50 Cent will always have love for Eminem. He discovered 50, and he considers him a best friend and mentor to this day. In a recent interview with Music Choice, he explained that he will always trust Em’s judgment, especially when it comes to the music business.


“I can trust that he’s going to be honest constructive criticism when it’s time to listen to the music before it goes out,” 50 said.

He continues to say that Eminem is the biggest in rap, and there’s no competition — not even with Jay Z. The two went out on tour together back in 2010 for two weeks for “The Home & Home Tour.” 50 said they only went on tour together so Live Nation could make their money back from the deal the concert company had with Jay Z.

From Hip Hop DX:

“That’s Live Nation ‘cause [Jay Z] sold his touring career to Live Nation,” 50 Cent says, referring to Jay Z’s reported $150 million pact with Live Nation that was signed in 2008. “They’ve got to keep him hot enough to go get their money back. So they match ‘em up with Em, put them together ‘cause he got more momentum connected to his relationship with Beyonce and his record with Alicia. It makes sense. It makes sense, the Detroit/New York show.  But it only makes sense to me because of business, it makes sense, because Em sold like 60 million records more than him. How you put ‘em there like they’re equals? It’s tough for me to say some of this [stuff] and not sound like a hater. But I don’t care.”

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