Snoop Dogg has gotten quite a makeover for his latest incarnation.

The Long Beach rapper is always reinventing himself. He introduced himself as Snoop Doggy Dogg,then he shortened it. Then he decided to do away with the Dogg part of his name entirely as he became reggae artist Snoop Lion.

Now he’s a white guy named Todd.

Todd didn’t make an appearance at the 2014 MTV VMAs last week, but he has popped on Snoop’s social media talking about a site called White Guys Connect. The new alter ego is way into spoken word, crocheting and paintball. He’s a man of many interests, that Todd!

We have no clue why Snoop’s decided to go with such a different look, but maybe he’s teasing a whole new project no one’s heard of yet. Or maybe he just got hold of a really good stash.


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