Joan Rivers passed away earlier today (September 4), and her death sparked a rant in Fabolous that was so … ridiculous. But he to get a few things off of his chest.



Cool story, Fab. Saying rest in peace isn’t the respectable thing to do anymore? In order for it to seem genuine to someone else are we supposed to praise that person’s name everyday? No, because that actually be disingenuous, and who has the time?

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The first thing in spreading awareness actually being aware in the first place. How else is one supposed to know what is going on if we’re not aware? And to refute his argument of not donating for ALS because everyone was attempting to be viral, the ALS Association was able to raise over $100 million. That’s over 3,500 percent more than they did last year around this time. How would that have been done if the Ice Bucket Challenge didn’t go viral in the first place?

The problem with “this generation,” is that people from previous generations (generation X and older) can be extremely pessimistic and fail to see the good in things because they’re busy skimming the surface. There’s a lot problems to be dealt with that previous generations have passed down, yet millennials still remain hopeful of the outcomes.

And if I’m not mistaken, how is it that someone, such as Fabolous, who wants to be “cool” on their own accord is still capitalizing off trends by rapping about women who are “thim slick” at 35? Okay.

This tweet from Kid Fury sums it up pretty nicely:

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