Tyler Perry is happy with the success he’s had at OWN and so he says, is Oprah. So why not put another show on the network.

If Loving You Is Wrong is the latest Perry vehicle to land at the network and he says his loyal viewers should check this one out, too.

“This show is so good. This thing is going to knock you out of your seats. I just want people to take a minute to get to know these people,” Perry says. “Just give it four or five episodes and they’re going to blow you away. I’m telling you, this thing is going to kick you right out of your seat.”

The premise behind the show is a group of people living in the same suburban community navigating families, friends, and of course, relationships. Perry says creating characters with messy lives helps him to keep his own life balanced.

“I put it on paper so that it’s not in my life,” he says. “I feel a very peaceful life.”

“This is a younger, sexier show so there’s not a villianess like Tika,” Perry says.”There are four or five women that are lead and they’re all hot, they’re all sexy.  There’s a couple of guys that are doing something pretty crazy. Guys that have watched the show are liking these kind of crazy men,” Perry says. “But there are good, solid relationships in the show.”

Of course, Perry, an Atlanta resident, has heard about the pending sale of the Atlanta Hawks. Owner Bruce Levenson announced he is selling the team after “self-reporting” a racist email he sent in 2012 about the team’s mostly Black attendance.

Perry says while he doesn’t know the current owner, he does know the executive who’s been brought in to replace him.

“Steve Koonan was at TBS and without him, House of Payne wouldn’t have been on the air,” Perry says. “He’ll get it straight. He’s a good guy and he’s on our side, so y’all go head on to the Hawks games. I might want a part of that,” Perry says. “Just a small part -y’all give me one or two of the cheerleaders and I’m good.”

If Loving You Is Wrong debuts Tuesday, September 9 at 9 p.m.

Find out how Tyler celebrated his 45th birthday recently by listening to the interview above.



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