It’s no secret that the music industry has changed dramatically over the years. The way we receive music isn’t the same, and the way it’s promoted isn’t the same either. Jermaine Dupri weighed in on the topic in a video with VladTV.


He stated that execs in the music business now are a lot lazier than they were in the ’90s. With the way things are now, we’re almost used to this instantaneous fame thanks to YouTube and Vine (see: Bobby Shmurda) so record labels aren’t spending as much money for talent and promotions. “They want the same results with less work,” said Dupri.

“Record companies don’t have [any] street teams,” he continued. “You name it, they don’t have [any] of the sh-t that we had to support the projects as they were, they don’t even have an excuse why they don’t. Now they’re going to make it sound like it costs too much money to have a street team.”

Watch the entire video below.

Do you agree with Jermaine Dupri?

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