Although it took him a little bit longer than it was supposed to, Mr. Apollo Nida finally made it to the Kentucky Penitentiary where he will be living for the better part of the next decade after pleading guilty to bank fraud. However, he left one last message for the fans and  TMZ was able to get their hands on it!

Take a look at the video below!

Is it just us or was that borderline creepy? We guess he has a right to be creepy if he is walking into a federal jail cell that he has to call home for the next 8 years so we’ll give him a pass.

We don’t know if Real Housewives Of Atlanta will still be around in 8 years or not…(we hope it is!) but we imagine that Bravo cameras will find a way to document this scenario for as long as they possibly can.

Good Luck Apollo!


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