As if the Michel Brown tragedy couldn’t get any more heartbreaking, the latest news from Ferguson, Missouri is that a memorial for the unarmed 18-year-old who was gunned down by a police officer, has been burned to the ground.

The Ferguson Fire Department responded to a 6:45 a.m. call at Canfield Drive Tuesday morning where the memorial lay not far from where Brown was shot at least six times and killed on August 9th, Capt. Jeremy Corcoran told NBC.  According to reports firefighters used portable water extinguishers to put out the fire in a small area where people had placed mementos in memory.

Authorities say that the cause of the fire is “not immediately clear” and Corcoran points out that there was evidence that candles had been a part of the memorial. But as foul as official responses (or lack thereof) have been since the day Brown died, and considering all the lies they’ve told up to this point, it’s hard to believe that this was an accident and not a malicious act.

On the day Brown was killed, authorities left his dead, bleeding body in the hot sun for hours, uncovered for the community who loved him to see.  There has been countless lies from authorities, including Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson‘s claims that multiple journalists asked him for a convenience store surveillance tape that he alleged showed Brown stealing, actions he alluded set off the chain of events that resulted in Brown’s death, even though he knew that the killer officer had no knowledge of the alleged theft. Not to mention the way the police practically went to war with the community in the protests that followed Brown’s shooting.

The blatant level of disregard for Brown’s life and disrespect for the community that still mourns him, even as his killer goes free still paid by the police department, has been unfathomable — from the six shots that took his life to the aftermath that has ensued. So it really a stretch to think that someone intentionally lit fire to his memorial?  See the video below that resident’s took wondering “who would do that?” and stay tuned for more details as they unfold.

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