8 years is a very long time to have on your hands with nothing to do. Rumor has it that former reality show leading man, Apollo Nida went to jail feeling all kinds of ways about his wife Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks. So what else is there to do but tell the world what’s on his mind and how he feels about his situation?

According to Eben Gregory, that may be exactly what happens. It is being reported that Nida is so disgusted with Phaedra and the rumors that she plans to serve him with divorce papers while he is in jail that he is now thinking about filling in the blanks for everyone about his lady love Phaedra.

And everybody knows that we all want to hear about what Phaedra knew regarding his fraudulent business dealings and when she knew it.

This may be his opportunity to sink her in the court of public opinion. Oops! In fact, we’d guess that the only thing he could do to her that would be meaner  than to write that book would be to dedicate the book to Kenya Moore and to blow Kenya kisses during any potential jailhouse interviews!

Many still believe Phaedra was in on all of Nida’s shenanigans from the jump. They seem to think he wasn’t bright enough to pull it off without her.

We’re not so sure about that but we do wonder if she knew the deal.

Guess we’ll all have to check out Nida’s alleged tell all book to see!

And we’ll leave the story with this…Apollo was reportedly mad that his wife was refusing to put any money on his commissary books before he went into a Kentucky prison earlier this month. We’re pretty sure there is enough money in a potential tell all book deal for him to have all the snack packs and cool ranch Doritos that he could ever want…just saying!



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