With friends like these, who needs enemies? Hot 97 radio host Peter Rosenberg got on the mic this morning to air out what’s been going on with Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose‘s impending divorce.

In a segment on “Ebro in the Morning,” Rosenberg confirms rumors that have been going around the former couple. He said that Wiz did, in fact, cheat, and Rose caught him in the act. How does Rosenberg know this? Because she vented to him about the situation.

According to Rosenberg, Wiz cheated with twins, Amber didn’t cheat at all, and that problems brewing in their relationship for a while. He also notes that she said in a conversation their relationship might not last that long as of two weeks ago.

Was Rosenberg wrong for airing out their dirty laundry on the radio show like that? He said that he didn’t get her permission to tell her business, but could it still be a possibility that Amber gave Rosenberg the okay to gain sympathy from the public? Either way, it’s a little grimy to be friends with someone and they spill all of your business on the air like that.

Watch everything he has to in the video below.


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