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Mariah’s “Elusive Chanteuse” World Tour started in Tokyo, Japan last night and we’d love to say it kicked off with a bang, but Mimi fizzled with a faulty falsetto during what can only be described as a cringe-worthy performance. The singer, dressed in a gorgeous gown, hit some not-so-pretty notes during her set and left fans pondering if she’s completely lost her voice.

By the sounds of the awful notes coming through her mic in Japan (as seen in the video above), we think something may have been wrong with her backtrack or sadly, Ariana Grande stole her vocal cords in her sleep. It didn’t even sound like she was trying to sing.

In case you don’t recall, Mimi suffered a similar singing incident during the “Good Morning America” series where she opened her mouth and nothing seemed to be coming out.

Whatever the case, she should just lip-sync all of her performances from now on.


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