All she wanted was some eggs.


2014 has been quite the year for the Australian-born Iggy Azalea. With the success of her music career, it seems like everyone’s out to get a glimpse of one of the hip-hop’s brightest young stars. However, a late-night trip to a Los Angeles grocery store might not be the proper time and place for a photo-op.


After attempting to follow the Hustle Gang MC into the grocery store, an overzealous “fan” then engaged in a very heated exchange with Iggy, who requested to be left alone several times. Accompanied by what appears to be her assistant or friend, Azalea’s attempts to defend herself were aided by her acquaintance, who apparently spit on the culprit. After claiming to have been assaulted and possibly infected with Aids or Ebola due to the spit, the perpetrator was nearly run over by Iggy’s shopping cart and wished for dead.


While this will be something that the rapper will probably look back on and laugh, it definitely could’ve gotten out of hand. Thankfully nothing happened, but this will probably be the last time Iggy goes out for a munchies run without security.


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