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Phaedra Parks is now being forced to talk about her soon-to-be ex-husband’s fraud charges.


In the past, Parks was mostly quiet about what Apollo Nida has done to land himself in prison again, but now a judge has ordered her to answer questions in a second deposition, according to TMZ.

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She is suing Angela Stanton, who wrote a book about her criminal involvement with Nida and Parks, for defamation. When it came time for the first deposition, Parks was mum.

According to Tamra Tattles, the first deposition went like this:

Q: Your husband recently pled guilty to a number of federal financial crimes. Is that correct?

A: I will not be discussing my husband.

Q. Well you don’t have to discuss him. But is that true, that your husband recently pled guilty to a number of financial crimes?

A. I will not be answering any questions regarding my husband.

Q. Okay so you are going to refuse to answer the question?

A. That is correct.

Q. All right. Do you believe that your husband’s criminal activity has an effect on your reputation?

And I’ll note again that you are doodling . You appear to be ignoring me. Are you refusing to answer that question as well?

A: As I have answered earlier, I will not be having any answers having any discussion regarding my husband.

Q. He was incarcerated sometime after you met him, is that right?

A. I will not be answering any questions about my husband.

Q. Okay, so you are refusing to answer that question. Is that right? Is that right?

A: That is correct.

Q. Okay. And you knew when you married him that he had been involved in a number of criminal activities is that correct?

Again, if you’re refusing to answer, just say it because if you ignore me I’m going to wait all day for you to answer.

A. I will not be answering that question.

Q. And you knew that the criminal activities he was convicted of and incarcerated for related to financial fraud, it that correct?

A. I will not be answering that question.

Q. Okay. And you married him in spite of your knowledge of his involvement in financial fraud, correct?

A. I will not be answering that question

You get the point, but all of those questions she refused to answer the first time, she HAS to answer the second go-round. So we’ll see how much truth is in the southern belle.

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