There’s been back and forth going on between Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea, and it just got real.

It all started on Monday (October 13) when he posted a meme on his Instagram page making fun of her. She took offense to the picture and asked him why he did that in the first place from her Twitter account.

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She then posted her own meme on Monday to her Instagram page, which she since deleted, of Snoop with the caption, “When your drug addict aunt gets clean.”

To top it all off, Snoop posted a video to Instagram Tuesday, calling Iggy a “b-tch” and “c-nt” and for her “n-gga” to check her. (T.I., probably?)

This has definitely gone too far. What seems like what might have been a joke turned into a war. After Snoop posted his video, it looks as though Iggy was trying to take the high road, saying her and her team have only praised him, and she could have posted more memes about the way he looks but decided against it.

As of right now, Snoop is still posting pics on his Instagram page regarding Iggy, and we’re hoping this all dies, like, right now.

UPDATED 4:56 p.m.: Snoop has apologized, saying he spoke with T.I. and he squashed his beef with Iggy.

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