Golden Brooks has whipped up speculation that a “Girlfriends” movie is in the works!

“Black-ish” star Tracee Ellis Ross told “The Breakfast Club” that she’d be down for a “Girlfriends” reunion. During Golden’s interview with, Golden hinted that there has definitely been a talk about making the movie a reality.

“That is like the question of the decade! I hope so. I can’t sa–will there be a Girlfriends movie? Maybe. I can’t say yes, I can’t say no,” she said. “Mara Brock Akil, myself, Tracee, Jill and Reggie, we all had a sit-down about it, but that is a Mara and Kelsey Grammer question.”

If a movie comes together, Golden has an idea about what might be included in the storyline. “Yes, I know what happens to Maya. I know about that third book. I know what happens to Joan,” she teased.

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That’s a still a huge “if” right now. Curbing fans’ enthusiasm and excitement, Golden let it be known that an official announcement on the “Girlfriends” hasn’t been confirmed just yet. She’s hoping a TV movie happens just like the rest of us. “You never know. I’d be open to it. So we just have to see- there have been talks about it. Nothing has been set in stone, but I really hope it definitely happens. I think the fans deserve it!

Obviously, we’d love for this to be a huge big screen production, but we’ll settle for a BET TV movie. They did an awesome job with the pilot for “Being Mary Jane,” so they might just be able to pull it off. Of course we wouldn’t be mad about a miniseries.

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Either way, here are just a few things we’d love to see happen in the prospective “Girlfriends” movie!

1. Joan’s Freaking Out About Motherhood

Joan always wanted to be a wife and a mother. Since she married Aaron (BTW: Mara totally needs to work in Joan’s wedding for this movie), she managed to get him to change his mind about babies, and they’ve tried really hard to conceive. After years of hoping for a baby, Joan and Aaron are finally expecting, but now Joan is getting super anxious about what she needs to do to be the perfect mom while figuring out how to dress her growing baby bump.

2. Toni Childs Specializes In Apologies

At the end of the series two of Toni’s major relationships were in shambles: Her marriage was pretty much over, and she was on the outs with her best friend Joan. Raising a child and giving them a moral code really makes you reevaluate your life and mature. Now Toni is hoping to rebuild some of the burned bridges in her past, starting with Joan. She’s moving back to Los Angeles so that her daughter can be close to Todd, whose new reality show brought him back out to the West Coast. Since we love a good breakup-to-makeup story, it would also be nice to see Toni and Todd get back together now that they each have a better understanding of who the other person is–they’ve been co-parenting really well together, and that spark is still there–and she’s been following him all over the country! It’s time to just make it official again and make it work this time.

3. Maya’s The Next Iyanla/Wendy Williams

After her book “Oh Hell Yes!” topped the charts, Maya was facing a bout of writer’s block. By the time we check in on our favorite girlfriends, she’s gloriously rebounded with another inspirational book, and she’s flipped that into a hot new daytime TV show called! On the chat show, she helps people get their lives together while spilling some tea on celebs during an on-air kiki. We’re thinking an on-air reconciliation between Joan and Toni would be great for sweeps week in this scenario.

Those are all of the ideas I have for now. Mara, if you use any of these ideas I will be needing a check! What would you want to see in the possible “Girlfriends” movie? Tell us in the comment section below!

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