David Broom, the man who famously sang into our TVs and hearts in 2000 when he sang “Come On Be My Baby Tonight” on “Real World: New Orleans,” is back! Well, kinda.


Broom, who now goes by Tokyo Niyeli, is now a chef on YouTube, according to Munchies. Actually, Chef Showtime to be exact. But here’s the twist: he sings all of his recipes — and he is oh so serious.

He changed his name to Tokyo due to his love of Japanese culture and anime. It was something his friends called him, and it stuck. Currently, produces music and even works with MTV while based in Chicago. When it comes to Chef Showtime, he decided it was time for him to combine his two loves: music and food.

“I’ve decided to put my musical skills—so to speak—and my love for cooking into a creative outlet. Because I’ve been with MTV for so long and I’ve been in the music industry, I know now that I don’t want to be an artist. I just want to enjoy music and [enact] whatever creativity is truly in me.”

“Being from Chicago, I love house music,” he tells me. “But being a producer, I’ll listen to the tracks that I’ve been making for years and think to myself, what goes well with this?

We’re not going to lie, his videos are entertaining, and some of the recipes do look worth trying. He’s got videos for making apple pie, popcorn, Ramen noodles, and tells you everything you can do with a stick of butter.

“The dubstep popcorn one, it just kind of spoke to me. Like, ‘Hey, this is all about popcorn.’ So I made the popcorn work.”

“I love chicken. I mean the legs, the thighs—I mean, come on. I love me some baked chicken, roasted, maybe some barbecue and a little bit of sriracha. Sexy. Kicking it. Legs, thighs, and breasts, let’s not even get into it for real.”

But since we still love his original (okay, not so original because it was a sample from “Luck Be a Lady Tonight”) song, reminisce below.


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