One Georgia man is going to be doing some hard time because he decided that it would be a good idea to rob someone of their iPod.

Shareef Tawwab Hakim, 20, has been sentenced to 12 years of prison and eight years of probation after he was convicted of robbery and aggravated assault. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the charges stem from an incident that took place October 22, 2013. According to The Root, Shareef snuck up on a 16-year-old boy around 9:30 p.m. and put the kid in a headlock before taking the victim’s iPod and running off.

The thief was arrested and booked weeks later in November 2013. He was taken to Cobb jail, where he’d been sitting until sentencing Thursday in Cobb County Superior Court.

Shareef admitted that he took the iPod during court proceedings, and Assistant District Attorney Jaret Usher used the admission as part of her argument that the judge should not go easy on him. “He is violent, and this is all a joke to him,” she told Judge Robert D. Leonard II during the sentencing, AJC reports. “His demeanor demonstrates that.”

There’s no word on whether Shareef will get time served to shave a year off of his 20-year sentence. It’s not clear at this time whether Shareef’s team plans to appeal the judge’s ruling at this time. Not to put too fine a point on this, but did anyone else catch that Shareef is only 20, and got 20 years for this robbery? What do you think of the judge’s decision to give him such a lengthy sentence, beauties?

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