Donna Goudeau is still on our brains after a three-year video of her being arrested went viral this month. Goudeau along with three others were arrested in the beating, stabbing, and robbing of a 73-year-old man in Port Arthur, Texas from July 2011.

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In the infamous video, Goudeau gave a shoutout to someone named P.O.P., whom she asked to “hold her down,” as she was leaving jail. He gave an exclusive interview to The Box Houston about what really went down with Donna, and why she may actually be innocent.

She really is legally blind:

“Right before she had got locked up, she was actually supposed to go get surgery on her eyes. It’s hereditary.”

Donna might not have really been involved in the crime:

“She don’t hang with them, nothing like that, don’t associate with them. [She] just knew them from childhood and she goes to catch a ride and the dude who was driving the car… him and his gal got into it. He took the car and he came down to Port Arthur… and she reported the car stolen.

The car ended up getting pulled over, the law searched the car one night and they find all the stuff from the robbery the night before while she was in the car. I guess they were, like, let’s blame it on her. She was there too.

She was tricked into signing papers:

She was already on probation… five years for a drug case she caught. Like I say, she’s legally blind. As far as reading… she’s gotta have somebody read it for her… They came with a plea that was supposed to be five years. But the paper didn’t say five years. It said … 18 years. Basically, she got railroaded.

While in every case, there’s always two sides to the story, but this really makes you wonder whether she was really innocent or not.

Listen to the entire interview below.

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