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While most entertainers can barely get their demo tapes into the right hands in order to make them a superstar, a few are born with the blessing (and maybe the curse) of a momager.

Momagers usually do all of the grunt work in the beginning; plus tell their kids how amazing they are even when they may have totally sucked on their last performance! They quit their jobs to hit the road to make sure their offspring isn’t being taken advantage of. Some, of course, are in it for the millions to be made; some are chasing a piece of the spotlight and have dreams of stardom for themselves; some just simply believe they know what’s best for their kid.

Here are six momagers who have made careers out of managing their offspring…and did a pretty good job at it.

1. Pattie Malette


Pattie was a teenager when she gave birth to her megastar son, Justin Bieber in Ontario, Canada. His legendary story is now one that every kid entertainer hopes for. After winning a local singing contest, Pattie uploaded clips of Justin doing covers of R&B singles. Millions of view later, marketing executive Scooter Braun discovered Biebs. Although Pattie isn’t his only manager, she still keeps a close eye on Justin and will always be his number one cheerleader.

2. Kris Jenner


Kris Jenner is probably one of the most successful momagers in Hollywood. She’s incredibly ambitious and has proven herself to be a top manager in the industry by maintaining and grooming all of her offspring for reality TV success. But what you didn’t know is that Kris also manages singer, Selena Gomez. There’s even rumors that she’s got her eye on Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith, and model Cara Delevingne. As Kris builds her talent powerhouse empire, the world will watch with envy. It’s clear that this matriarch has plans to rule Hollywood.

3. Sonja Bates-Norwood


When Brandy hit the scene at the young age of 13, it was her mom Sonja who ran the show and called all the shots. Sonja quit her full-time job as a financial analyst at H&R Block to facilitate her daughter’s blossoming career. Everywhere Brandy was seen, her mother was not far behind. 23 years later you can thank Sonja for nurturing Brandy into the superstar she is today.

4. Sharon Palmer

Keke Palmer’s mother, Sharon Palmer left her job as a teacher to help get a better grip on her daughter’s career. But it wasn’t a career she was unfamiliar with. Keke’s parents met in drama school and were both actors before settling into their full-time jobs and starting a family. After Keke starred in Barbershop 2:Back In Business, Sharon packed up her family and moved to California in order to jumpstart Keke’s career.

5. Jonetta Patton

Jonetta began managing Usher’s career when he was 13 and had negotiated a record deal for him by the time he was 14. She gave up everything to focus on Usher’s career—even her marriage. Though she’s now a retired momager Usher still credits his mom with making him the megastar he is today.

6. Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada makes no apologies for her parenting style when it comes to her daughter, Willow. Her style isn’t for the traditional parent but Jada has managed to mold Willow into a budding actress, singer and fashionista. There’s no official contract (and what mom really needs one?) but Jada is definitely putting in momager duties!

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