Wendy Williams can’t believe Tiny’s decision to permanently change her eye color, and she was almost at a loss for words. She still managed to string a few sentences together on the matter, though.

MUST SEE: Soooo…. Tiny PERMANENTLY Changed Her Eye Color? You Can Do That?

It’s been over a week since Tiny confirmed that she had surgery to not only fix her vision but turn her brown eyes blue…well, ice gray. She’s been flashing her lightened lenses for all the world to see at every given opportunity, and people are still buzzing about her drastic cosmetic procedure. Being a professional gossip, Wendy is naturally among the gaggle of folks sharing their thoughts on Tiny’s latest modification, and she is not here for it.

Wendy’s never been one to bash a woman for getting a little nip-tuck if it makes them feel better, but she thinks that “this right here is going too far.” Tiny might be a friend to “The Wendy Williams” show, and as such, Wendy had to get her good buddy together.

The tv host likens the procedure to a form of ethnic erasure. “The eyes are the window to the soul. And getting your eyes permanently done like this…is to me is as bad as people who bleach their skin,” Wendy said. “I mean you can self hate your flat boobs. You can self hate your flat butt…but the eyes?”

Tiny’s explained that she’s often worn color contacts in the past, but she got tired of how uncomfortable they are. In Wendy’s opinion, that’s still not a great excuse to get eye implants. “I know that colored contacts could be scratchy, itchy and whatnot but people still wear them,” Wendy stated. “Getting your eyeballs actually done like this is as crazy as Sammy Sosa bleaching his skin.”

Somehow, we don’t think Tiny’s losing any sleep over Wendy’s opinion. However, the chat diva is simply broadcasting things that people are already saying in their private conversations. Many people (including some members of Team Beautiful) are flabbergasted that Tiny has undergone such a serious procedure.

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