The “Jurassic Park” movie franchise, based on Michael Crichton’s hit book serieshas become a staple in American pop culture. Its relevance and the overall appeal— an island full of genetically-modified dinosaurs— never really went away. The highly-anticipated fourth installment is on its way to theaters next year, and its first trailer finally leaked yesterday.


Jurassic World” takes place 22 years after the first film, with the island of Isla Nublar now housing a fully functional dinosaur theme park. As usual, someone in these movies always has to take things too far. Once a newly created dino hybrid is unleashed on the unsuspecting public, Owen (Chris Pratt), a velociraptor specialist, and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), a head researcher at the park, have to put a stop to it.


For Jurassic fans, it’s great to finally see what a functioning dino-based park looks like after 22 years of waiting. Highlights include a Seaworld-style exhibit with a Megaladon eating a great white shark like a small treat, and Pratt driving his motorcycle in the dark alongside a pack of raptors. Looks like the series just found its sense of wonder again.


“Jurassic World” stars Pratt, Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio, BD Wong, and Judy Greer, and opens in theaters June 12, 2015.

Dylan “CineMasai” Green is a movie geek, hip-hop aficionado, and pita chip enthusiast. Find him on Twitter.

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