Up and coming actor John Boyega (who starred in the 2011 action film Attack The Block) is the first face seen in the new trailer for the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And much like the uproar from some Hunger Games fans who popped a racial gasket over Rue, there’s a group of Star Wars fans who aren’t happy about the idea of a Black Storm Trooper.

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There’s been criticism ranging from POC-shaming, to comparisons to the jive talkin’ Storm Trooper from the 1987 spoof Space Balls. But according to Boyega’s Instagram, he isn’t here for any of it:

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Author and Star Wars fan Kriston Capps recently penned an article dispelling the alleged plot reasons that a Black Storm Trooper can’t exist, namely that all Storm Troopers are clones of one person— Jango Fett. 

All that matters is that Boyega, and talented actresses Lupita Nyong’o and Daisy Ridley are being given a shot at the big time as main characters in the franchise. To me, that’s a big step forward.

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