Today, December 1, is World AIDS Day, and organizations around the world are offering free AIDS testing. One organization, Just Been Tested, recently started a new Indiegogo campaign to ensure that everyone is able to celebrate knowing their status by providing convenient testing and a platform for conversation.


Founder and director Alonzo Davis has this to say about JBT’s goals:

Just Been Tested (JBT) is changing the conversation surrounding HIV and young adults by empowering individuals to celebrate knowing their status. We snap pics working out at the gym or sipping a green smoothie…but why don’t we popularize the practice of getting tested? Far too many people are left crippled in fear of the perceived stigma surrounding the testing experience. Just look at the stats: A recent CDC report found thatonly one in five sexually active U.S. teens, ages 13 to 24—has been tested for HIV. And keep in mind, this age group is responsible for about 12,200 new infections every year.

Donations to JBT’s Indiegogo campaign will help the company screen 4,000 young adults in the next year, as well as conduct a 2015 Northeastern college tour. JBT partners with everyday retailers to provide exclusive discounts to its members who get tested, including special offers for dining, fashion, entertainment events and more.

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All raised funds through the campaign go toward free testing for those who need it and a Northeastern college tour to raise awareness on campuses. JBT has raised $6,805 of the $35,000 they’re asking for so far. Perks range from sponsor gifts like LED candles and Bluetooth speakers, to JBT swag. Celebrate your health and go get tested today.

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