Cassidy’s first bout in the a cappella, on-stage battle format took place Saturday (December 6) as “The Hustler” took on Los Angeles, Calif.’s Dizaster. However, the two weren’t able to complete their FilmOn “Ether” match-up as scheduled due to time constraints with the venue, L.A.’s The Belasco Theater.

The battle lasted nearly one round before the lights were shut off in the building and fans were asked to leave. Both battlers have publicly blamed one another for the mishaps, which included fans and entourage members heckling the MCs. Cassidy later responded to the battle with the following Instagram post:

“It’s not my fault people.. they pulled some funny shit.. but we’re going to get the battle done before I leave LA one way or another.. this niggas is scared to death.. I’m ready to cook this nigga right now, but he ran home.. smh.. saying let’s do it tomorrow.. them niggas made some technical difficulties happen to prevent that nigga from getting cooked! I can’t believe they did that corny shit. . Somebody tell that nigga to stop bitching and give the people what they paid for! I got my chicken already, now I just wanna detroy that nigga.”

However, Dizaster shared his side of the story on Twitter.

“Cassidy clearly wasnt ready tonight,” he said. “Real talk he woudnt [sp] let me rap he was shook… Cassidy just disrespected the fuck outta the culture… got paid had his people pull some bullshit cuz they knew they he was gonna die.”

Before the event was shut down, several others battles took place. Cali Smoov and Caustic kicked things off before Danny Myers and Heartless squared off. Illmaculate battled Real Deal, Rum Nitty took on Billy Boondocks and Big T faced off against Aktive. The Saurus and Arsonal also had their bout and so did Bigg K and Conceited. The co-main event also went off without too many issues as Serius Jones and Daylyt battled. The only issues that plagued the event consistently were technical difficulties with microphones.

A few celebrities were also in the building for “Ether,” including Xzibit, Mistah F.A.B and Dirt Nasty. Before the Cassidy/Diz battle began, F.A.B. spoke with us to explain what he felt “Ether” meant for the culture. “I think this, right now, is a step up,” he said. “It’s letting people know that battle rap is serious.”

After the event was shut down, New Jersey’s Arsonal, a battle rapper and event organizer with another battle league, U Dubb, provided his perspective. “Everything was great up until [the last battle],” Ars, who also battled on the same card, explained. “I think it was a letdown for the culture.” Rum Nitty, who also battled at the event, shared his take, adding that rappers should “know how to control their tempers.”

Perhaps this isn’t the last we’ve heard from the Cassidy/Dizaster battle. After the event ended, Dizaster hit Twitter with the following statement: “BATTLE STILL CRACKIN TOMMORO AT PRIVATE LOCATION….HE AINT GETTIN AWAY THAT EASY…THIS TIME U GON HERE MY BARS THE RIGHT WAY HAHA ITS OVER.”

Lush One, who promoted and hosted the event, also provided fans with information about how to get a refund.

So, the battle might just happen after all, even if it doesn’t go as originally planned.

UPDATE: Cassidy and Dizaster were able to fulfill their battle after this confusion and we have all the details of their continuation match-up here.

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