Sometimes megastars aren’t all that involved in Saturday Night Live when they’re asked to guest star. Eminem was only involved with a particularly bad musical performance, and while Prince killed it with his six-minute jam, he didn’t even show up for the signature closing sendoff. Not saying Nicki Minaj is on Eminem or Prince‘s level (yet?), but it certainly livened up the show to have her involved in multiple sketches.

Minaj showed she was more than up for jokes when she played Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and herself in the James Franco-hosted episode. Before her first musical performance, she played Virgin Mary Beyonce in a humorous adaptation of the true meaning of Christmas. She’s noticeably too curvy to be Beyonce, as many on Twitter pointed out, but it’s definitely part of the charm. Also charming: seeing her spontaneously hit the notes to “Drunk in Love” and “Flawless.” Because Baby Jesus literally did woke up like this.

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Soon after, she was even more hilarious as Kardashian in Weekend Update. Here, she explains the infamous Paper cover wouldn’t be so infamous if there was context. The result: Minaj’s photoshopped face and a public service announcement about getting check-ups from your gynecologist.

In her last on-sketch appearance, Minaj played herself inside the head of a boy who just can’t forget “Anaconda” because of that video. It’s funny because it’s probably true for many.

And that brings us to the musical performances. The first sees Minaj in a blood orange outfit as she does a slightly awkward rendition of “Bed of Lies” with Skylar Grey.

She was much more comfortable and in command during her second one, where she did “Only” (sans Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown — who was busy doing other things — Lil Wayn and Drake) and “All Things Go.” Minaj also wore a thong, which means the viewer got a nice parting shot. Jazzy.

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