Jay Electronica’s Twitter style is similar to his method of releasing music. He doesn’t give us much, but when he does, it hits with a potent blunt force that few can match.


He dropped some of that knowledge on Twitter yesterday. What started as a discussion on black-on-black crime in America in the wake of the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown at the hands of police, ended with Elec personally calling out President Barack Obama. 

“You should be ashamed, dog,” Electronica tweeted. “I know as the president of the Usa you’re just a figurehead and can’t do much but damn man. Where’s your voice and nuts?”

Check out his thoughts below:

Electronica has built a lot of clout in the world of hip-hop in a short period of time, especially given his small discography. He signed to Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation label in 2011, and is slowly releasing new material to build up to his eventual debut album. He’s currently opening for Common on his Nobody’s Smiling tour.

Dylan “CineMasai” Green is a movie geek, hip-hop aficionado, and pita chip enthusiast. Find him on Twitter.

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