50 Cent is extending an olive branch to his former pal Floyd Mayweather in the wake of his close friend’s tragic death. Mayweather’s friend, Earl Hayes and his wife, “Hit The Floor’s Stephanie Moseley, were ofound dead in their Los Angeles apartment in what authorities are calling an apparent murder-suicide.

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Once news of the tragic event started to spread, 50 cent expressed his condolences on Instagram and offered some kind words to Mayweather. According to the G-Unit honcho:

We can fall out and fight or what ever, but I don’t want to see you go out like that. #SMSAUDIO #POWER #FRIGO

According to TMZ, Hayes, who was signed to Mayweather’s record label, allegedly shot his wife after he accused Moseley of cheating, while Mayweather allegedly was on FaceTime while the incident occurred. Hayes contacted Mayweather fuming over claims Moseley was unfaithful to him and he was going to kill her. Sources claim Mayweather tried to calm his friend down and talk him out of making a rash decision but was unsuccessful.

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