Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been injured in a car accident. According to The Observer, the car crashed and overturned on the Church Street Bridge in N.C. at 12:30pm today. A second car involved in the accident was still in the road, near Hill Street. A man strapped to a stretcher on the scene appeared to be Newton.

UPDATE, Tuesday, 12/9 at 2:30pm: According to The Observer, Cam Newton was photographed conscious and smiling at the scene of the accident. It’s been confirmed that Newton was driving his truck when the accident occurred. He appeared conscious and able to communicate on the scene. The CMPD Rob Tufano reported that although Newton did not want to be transported, he was taken to the hospital as a precaution, with no life-threatening injuries.

 UPDATE: Tues., 12/9 at 4:30pm: Panthers director of communications Charlie Dayton confirm Newton suffered two fractures in his lower back from the car accident. He suffered no internal injuries, but will be hospitalized overnight for monitoring.

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