With the second-to-last week of regular season football nearly over, the playoffs are quickly shaping up thanks to several new team developments. The Steelers’ win against the Chiefs clinched a wild-card playoff berth yesterday and the Patriots secured a first week bye thanks to a one-point win against the Jets.  In total, the Packers, Steelers, Cowboys, and Seahawks all secured shots in the post-season in their games yesterday.

Week 17 will obviously finalize the brackets, but tonight’s Broncos vs. Bengals game itself—one of the best Monday Night Football match-ups of the year—could even clinch Denver their own first round bye or help Cincinnati make it to the postseason themselves.

Check out our picks for the best plays of the week below.

Seattle crushed the Arizona Cardinals with a franchise record-setting 596 yards of offense. That huge number was helped in part by Marshawn Lynch’s 113-yard game, with a single 79-yard touchdown run as one of the game’s biggest plays in the fourth quarter. Lynch didn’t even start the game with the team citing an “upset stomach.”

Lynch is obviously just as good in the red zone, and his ability to consistently bounce off defenders has become one of his calling cards.

After the game, he gave reporters a slight and comical twist on his usual non-answer approach.

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