Ghostface Killah held a surprise show for fans at a sandwich shop in Australia on December 21.

It wasn’t just any sandwich shop, however. This one was actually cleverly named Toastface Grillah.

The Wu-Tang MC showed up after he was tipped off about the sandwich shop’s name during an interview, according to MTV News. Fans gathered around Ghost as he performed their favorite joints off of his storied discography.

A part of the show is available below:

Toastface Grillah updated their account with several posts about the event. One of them simply said “No words.” That caption was accompanied by a video of GFK’s performance, according to The Daily Mail.

Fans also flocked to social media with videos of the performance. One of those posts can be viewed below.

Ghostface Killah is currently promoting his latest release, 36 Seasons. He and his fellow Wu-Tang MCs also recently dropped their most recent project, A Better Tomorrow.

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