Danny Brown is known for his music, but the MC is about to add author to the list.  He’s planning to release a children’s book inspired by Dr. Seuss, with a special message for young women.

“It’s really about self-esteem in Black girls,” Brown said in an interview with Triple J. “You know how Black women do so much–process their hair, change their eye color. It’s really about a little girl who does all these things to herself and changes herself and she realizes she’s just better off the way she is. I’m just trying to write it. It’s for my daughter, too. It’s about self-esteem and women.”

The rapper hasn’t taken his mind off music, however. He’s been busy creating new work in that field, also.

“I got a studio in my house now so I’ll just wake up, stretch, record whenever I want,” he added, revealing that he’s been working heavily with The Alchemist on material that is likely to be on his next album.

Listen to the interview below.

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