Keisha Knight-Pulliam, who was just fired in the season 14 premiere episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” last night, has given her two cents on the rape allegations surrounding Bill Cosby.

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The actress was criticized in the episode for not reaching out to Cosby for donations, and she was ultimately sent home. She explained to the “Today” show that she didn’t want to contact her former TV dad because the two haven’t spoken in some time, and she didn’t think it would be appropriate. “But the reality was I hadn’t spoken to Mr. Cosby,” she said. “I felt that it would be tactless, very rude to call someone and be like, ‘Hey, so, let me have some money right now.’”

She was then asked her thoughts on the women accusing Cosby of sexual assault. Knight-Pulliam says that no one knows what really happened except Cosby and each of them women.

“Ultimately, they’re just that, allegations. You know, it’s very much been played out in the court of public opinion. But we’re still in America, where ultimately you’re innocent until proven guilty. I wasn’t there. That’s just not the man I know. So I can’t speak to it.”

“What I can say is this: I wasn’t there. No one was there except for the two people who know exactly what happened. All I can speak to is the man that I know and I love.”

Watch her entire interview below.


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