Michael Jackson’s oldest son Prince has reportedly been spending a good deal of time with pop star Justin Bieber and the pair has even been recording music together according to a new Page Six scoop.

Prince, who will turn 18 this February, is one of three heirs to his father’s $1 billion fortune alongside his brother Blanket and sister Paris. According to Page Six, the older Jackson lives in Calabasas, California near Bieber and both youngsters have apparently been getting some life advice from boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“‘Money’ has been offering a lot of advice to Prince, including about women,” an anonymous source told the site. “It’s not as if he can turn to his family, because they’ve got their own thing going and they’ve never really had time for Prince, Paris or Blanket anyway.”

The boxer is also apparently behind the musical collaborations between Prince and Bieber which may yield a full-length joint album.

“They really dig one another,” the source said of the Jackson heir and Bieber, “and Floyd continues to check in with both of them.”

Prince reportedly receives a $66,000 monthly allowance from his dad’s enormous estate and has spent the last year traveling, shopping, and dating high-profile teens like Remi Alfalah, a Kuwaiti princess. Most recently, Prince split with girlfriend Nikita Bess in November.

The source close to the family quoted in Page Six added a cautionary comment about Prince’s current lifestyle and newfound friends.

“With all of these young girls and Bieber and Mayweather’s influence, we just hope that he doesn’t make a big mistake that he’ll have to pay for the rest of his life,” they said.

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