Too much information is an actual thing, but that didn’t stop Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates from admitting that he is having sex with his cousin. In what seemed like a stream-of-consciousness admission posted to his Instagram, he says that he found out that a girl he slept with was his cousin after they had already done the deed, but it didn’t stop them.

“I didn’t grow up with you, knowing that you my people,” he said. Then he sought out a cosign from his followers for having sex with her in another video. “You mean to tell me if you know somebody for three months, ya heard me, everything is beautiful. Your grandmother tells you that’s your cousin. I done got the hard part out the way! Why f-ck up a good thing?”

No judgment, but we have questions. Were there no other women to be with other than his cousin? Is this like a “my mama and her mama are sisters” type situation or a “cousin once removed, by marriage” type of cousin? So many questions, Kevin…

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