A fight had broken out on the left side of the stage and it had nothing to do with Breezy. Here’s another angle that shows Brown gazing off into the crowd. “Oh they getting it in over there,” Brown says before three shots ring out.

Chris Brown was performing his hit song “Loyal” in San Jose, when suddenly a gunman opened fire in the club. Chris escaped unharmed, but it is rumored that it was an alleged assassination attempt on Brown due to gang activity.

MTO, who released the video, reports five people were shot and four people were hurt in the mayhem. One of their sources claims,

It was a gang that was fighting with some of Chris Brown’s people. They tried to rush the stage and they couldn’t. All of a sudden they started shooting.

Brown has been linked to the Blood gang Fruit Town Piru (Pirates In Red Uniform). Months ago, it was revealed that Brown “paid his dues” to be apart of the set.


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