2015 seems like a comeback year for Macklemore. The Seattle rapper didn’t go anywhere last year, but after winning a Grammy for Best Rap Album early in 2014, The Heist emcee seemed to fall back and carefully slip out of the public eye for most of the remainder.

Now, after a much-celebrated candid conversation about race late in 2014 and an announcement that his fiancee Tricia Davis is pregnant more recently,  Macklemore recently appeared in a new episode of Sesame Street.

Yesterday (January 12), Macklemore took the biggest hit of his career to the children’s show and adapted it into a collaboration with Oscar and his fellow Grouches for a younger audience. Flipping his “Thrift Shop” hit into a trash-friendly anthem for Oscar, the song’s chorus got a noticeably palatable update as the puppets sing, “Looking for some rubbish, this is grouchy awesome.”

Watch Macklemore’s musical appearance below:

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