Despite ongoing controversy over more than a dozen sexual harassment claims against him, Bill Cosby is still moving forward with his current comedy tour. Most recently, Ticketmaster announced that it will offer full refunds for a Cosby performance scheduled for this Saturday January 17 in Denver, Colo. While protests are expected outside of the venue on the date, the BBC reports that more than 3,000 tickets have been sold for the concert and the organizer behind Cosby’s appearance told a local news station that he has “an obligation to the people that want to see the show.”

Separately, a Cosby performance scheduled for February 6 in Worcester, Mass. is the latest to have been cancelled after more than 10 other dates on the tour were scrapped following the shocking allegations against the comedian/actor late in 2014. Earlier this month, protesters picketed a Cosby performance in Canada with signs reading, “Rape Is No Joke.”

Meanwhile, a 24-year old CNN video interview has resurfaced and shows Cosby joking again about a “Spanish fly” drug used to take advantage of women. Speaking with Larry King in 1991, Cosby said, “Spanish fly was the thing that all boys from age 11 on up to death—we will still be searching for Spanish fly.” Both King and Cosby go on to recall the mythology of “Spanish fly” and explicitly reference spiking a woman’s drink with the drug. In November, The Urban Daily highlighted Cosby’s questionable jokes about sexual assault from his 1969 comedy album It’s True, It’s True in which he speaks at length about “Spanish fly.”


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