The NBA is widely seen as one of the most attractive sports leagues in the United States, with a global reach that’s second to none. And with All-Star weekend quickly approaching, all eyes will be on the association for the next few weeks. The league has even caught the eyes of royalty, which we saw earlier this season at Barclay’s Center during a Cavs/Nets game. Prince William and Kate Middleton took in the game, met with LeBron James, Jay Z & Beyonce, and several others in attendance.


And while Brooklyn was all the buzz, Manhattan took their international reach to the next level. As part of the NBA Global Games of 2015, Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks met with Prince Harry to host the first Coach Core graduation, as part of the partnership between the NBA and Royal Foundation. The apprentices will meet with Melo and the Prince during their official graduation ceremony and reception. Former player John Ameachi will also join the group, as he’s one of the first English players to play in the NBA, in addition to being the leading advocate for the power of good sports coaching.

What seemed to be a rather bright spot for the Knicks in an otherwise dreadful season, things quickly turned left courtesy of The Sun Newspaper. The British publication reminded us of just how badly the Knicks are performing via accidental tweet.

Guess you can’t win’em all…but, I think the folks at the Garden already knew that. The Knicks will face the Bucks across the pond on Thursday, January 15.

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