Beanie Sigel is reportedly recovering from his recent shooting and is readying a new project.

Jahlil Beats, a producer who is said to be working with Beanie, has said that the rapper is recuperating.

“I’m just happy that Beans is okay now,” Beats said in an interview with NahRight. “He just came home. As soon as he get right, we going right back in the lab.”

Beanie and Beats are crafting Still Public Enemy, a project that will reportedly be produced mostly by Beats.

“It’s like a mixtape, but it’s like an album because [it has] all my shit,” he added. “Shit’s gonna be crazy. I got some surprises on that joint. I think Beans is still getting [DJ] Green Lantern. Ain’t nothing changed, we just doing shit up-to-date. Some shit that is modern right now.”

Beats did not say the project would be released this year. Beans was shot in N.J. last December, and the rapper reportedly lost a lung and was in critical condition. He was hospitalized until early January when he was sent home.

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