When a batch of hacked Sony emails was released to the public in December of 2014, it was revealed comedian and actor Kevin Hart was one of the many celebrities disrespected in private conversations by Sony executives. One email referred to Hart as a “whore” for negotiating additional compensation to support his Sony/Screen Gems films via social media. When TMZ asked Hart if he would work with Sony again, Hart initially refused to answer, saying, ‘I don’t answer those questions. I’m politically correct.’

During a Friday interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Hart detailed his feelings on the Sony emails and his rationale for his initial response.

‘I could give two cares, man,’ Hart said. ‘There’s something you ask for, and there’s something they don’t want to give. You guys battle until these terms are met. If you don’t think for two seconds that these people on this side say things about what you’re asking for, you’re stupid. It’s business. I don’t care what you say.’

Hart further explained the negotiating power behind having a strong social media presence and a dedicated fan base. The full interview, which can be viewed below, also addressed Hart’s international appeal, crossing over, and his relationship with other comics.

In the wake of the email’s initial release, Hart released an Instagram post, which didn’t directly mention Sony. The Sony emails in question also featured disparaging remarks about fellow actors and racist comments about President Obama. Chairwoman of the Motion Pictures Group of Sony Pictures, Amy Pascal, has since publicly apologized for the emails and met with Al Sharpton.


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