Stevie Wonder may be considered an icon by most people, but the legendary musician isn’t ready to call himself one.

“Honestly, I don’t even know what that means,” Stevie Wonder said in a recent interview with GQ. “God is the icon.” Despite his established status as one of music’s living legends, Wonder explained just how in tune he is with today’s musical acts. “Kendrick Lamar is extremely talented,” Wonder said. “But not only is he just talented; he has a real concern for the people.”

That’s not all Wonder had to say about K. Dot. The singer also explained why he likes Lamar’s “concern for the people.” “The good thing about the young is that they want to fix things,” Wonder added. “They don’t want to fall into the same ol’ bullshit.”

According to the interviewer, GQ’s Mark Anthony Green, Wonder also broke out into a rendition of Kendrick Lamar’s 2014 single “i” during the interview.

“He turns ‘i’ into the Stevie Wonder version of Kendrick Lamar,” Green wrote, “as though everything that goes into his ears gets remixed before it comes out again.”

Read the full interview at GQ.

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