Tonight’s episode of Love & Hip Hop started with a bang, as Peter finally came clean to Amina about going to Barbados with Tara.  But right off top, Amina’s not too sure he’s telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

As Rich prepares to launch his new liquor, 79 Gold, he taps Cyn Santana to be the face of the brand—pending her approval of the beverage.  Cyn stops by Rich’s for a taste and agrees to work with him, and talks to Paris about working on a song to honor her brother who committed suicide.

Yandy was hot because she went to pick up Lil’ Mendeecees from school, only to find out Samantha had already picked him up.  When she confronted Mendeecees about it, he told her he refused to have anything to do with Samantha, but Yandy insisted that he needed to talk to her.  Mendeecees said that Samantha never stepped up to help take care of Lil’ Mendeecees while he was in jail, and finally convinced Samantha to talk to her.

At Rich’s launch party, things got interesting when Erica showed up.  When Rich announced Cyn as the new face of 79, Erica made her way to the mic and rambled on about how happy she was for Rich and Cyn, but couldn’t help herself from commenting on how both were her exes.  As she left the party, Erica almost smashed into a window trying make a grand exit.

Chink told Rich he suspected Chrissy was trying to get pregnant on purpose, after she finally told him she’d stopped taking birth control pills.  Rich asked Chink how he was going to handle it, and Chink said he wanted to talk to her because he didn’t feel like he could just leave her.  Of course, he still had no plans for getting a divorce.

A few days after Rich’s party, Paris meets up with Cyn and tells her that she needs to get closure with Erica once and for all—for herself.

Tara and Amina met to talk about what really went down in Barbados, and discover that Peter has been feeding both of them lies about his involvement with them.  They agree they need to find a way to get along for the sake of their kids.

Chrissy went to Chink’s studio to apologize, but they wound up getting into a nasty argument.  Chink told her she was selfish and not concerned about any of the things he’s been going through, and she told him he wasn’t the man she fell in love with.  Chrissy asked him again about his divorce, and he said he wasn’t going to do it, so Chrissy called it quits.

Mendeecees finally sat down with Samantha to talk about Lil’ Mendeecees, and she suggested they go to court to figure out what’s best.  Mendeecees reminded her that he was out on bail and that he needed to spend as much time as possible with his son, but she pushed back and said that a court should decide.

Cyn stopped by Erica’s Blu Magazine shoot to settle things between the two of them.  She asked Erica why they couldn’t each go their separate ways, and Erica said they could, but that her friends were not Cyn’s friends.  Erica told Cyn that she could’ve worked with anyone but Rich, and that the fact that she’s working with him was proof Cyn still wanted to be around her.  Cyn insisted that nothing was going on between her and Rich other than a professional relationship. Erica apologized to Cyn for getting physical with her and walked away.

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