Following an ongoing court battle with former lover Tamika Fuller, hip-hop artist turned box-office star Ludacris was officially awarded full custody of their daughter, Cai, by a Georgia judge earlier today.  Ludacris, born Chris Bridges, and Fuller began seeing each other while Luda was on a “break” from long-time girlfriend Eudoxie Mbouguiyengue, whom he proposed to and married on December 30.

You may recall that, shortly after Fuller gave birth to Cai, Ludacris requested that child support payments be reduced to just over $1,700 per month, citing financial strain caused by the death of Fast and Furious co-star Paul Walker.  A judge ordered that he pay $7,000 per month, and Fuller and Bridges found themselves embroiled in a months-long custody battle as Ludacris worked to prove that he could provide a better home environment for Cai.

Now that the custody issues have presumably been settled, hopefully Luda and Fuller can co-parent peacefully without anymore drama.  Time will tell.

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