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The-Dream is gearing up to drop the first of two Ep’s, on March 31. First up is ‘Crown‘ which will feature the latest release “That’s My Sh*t” featuring T.I. Here’s what Mr. Nash had to say about the upcoming projects:

‘Crown’ is more modern R&B, and ‘Jewel’ will be more what you might think of as my songwriter side, the songs I might have given to other artists before. If you put me in a box, Jewel is more what you get when that box is open. But I’m not limited by any box I’ve been put in, every year I’m expanding and growing, and it makes for a more interesting plot.


In addition to releasing new music, the Radio Killa reunited with longtime friend and collaborator Tricky Stewart. The two songwriters will be launching a label together by the name Contra Paris, which will be backed by Capitol Records. Here’s the statement regarding the new venture:

I’m not just talking about a hit— some things move the culture. You want to make sure everybody else can sing along and feel like it’s their record, too. We did that with “Single Ladies” and “Umbrella”. Those were songs that people could have a conversation about. A song can be a social, coffee-table thing or just a good time in a club—just like in life, they can be a long relationship or a one-night stand, but they all can be good. They’re just different things.

When I go from working with Celine Dion to doing ‘Holy Grail’ with Jay Z and Justin Timberlake, that’s not challenging to me—but it’s hard for everybody else to imagine that someone can contain that many things, to see how deep the rabbit hole can go. But our mind and mentality is as round as the world.

2015 is shaping up to be an interesting year for The-Dream. While you wait, check out his latest visual featuring T.I.

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