Ruthless Records CEO Jerry Heller recently sat down with White Label Radio to discuss a wide range of topics. A large portion of the conversation centered around N.W.A. and the issues within the group. The controversial clique was easily one of the most polarizing crews in hip-hop, but like many, battled with internal jealousy issues and of course, money problems. Heller’s very candid sit-down also included a discussion on the D.O.C., the impact of west coast hip-hop, the upcoming N.W.A. biopic, and much more.


Another point of note, the music mogul also expressed his distaste for Suge Knight. He saw the Deathrow Records CEO as the cause for fun disappearing from hip-hop music. Known as a bully, the former football player turned music mogul was known to have guns all over the office. “Once Suge got involved, there were guys with uzis all over the office 24 hours a day,” said Heller.


Check the three-part interview below.

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