Kanye West is often so proud of his work that he criticizes those who don’t recognize his material, but is always happy with how most of his own albums have come out? According to Rick Rubin, the answer is no.

“Kanye told me Yeezus was the first album where he was happy with the way it came out,” Rubin said in a verified annotation for “Guilt Trip” on Rap Genius.

Rubin also explained how “Only One” was worked on for months before West decided he would release it. The day before he planned to drop the track, West and Rubin scrambled to find engineers to mix and master the cut. Eventually, they got it done and released.

“That’s how it works in Kanye world,” Rubin explained in an annotation for “Only One.” “It used to really give me anxiety, but now I just know that’s what it is. That’s how he likes to work.”

West and Rubin are reportedly collaborating on Kanye’s next album.

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